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  • Door entry systems are very similar in operation to Access Control systems. The difference lies in the type of building to which the systems are fitted.
  • Whilst Access Control systems are ideally suited to single occupancy industrial complexes, where visitors will have a central point of contact (receptionist etc), Door Entry systems are more suited to multi occupancy dwellings and office complexes.
  • Door Entry Systems allow visitors to directly contact the person that they wish to visit. This person then has the ability to grant or deny access. These systems are commonly installed alongside Access Control Systems in multi occupancy complexes.
  • This ensures that all legitimate staff or occupants have unhindered access to the common area of the site, whilst casual visitors will be restricted to the exterior of the property.
  • Systems typically include a desk or wall mounted video and/or audio intercoms within the individual areas and a multipoint call station located at the communal entrance.