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  • Harrison Security are expert in sourcing, supplying and installing high-security external perimeter protection and monitoring devices, both passive and active linked systems in conjunction with Remote CCTV & Alarm equipment.
  • We can provide highly reliable PIRs, Active Infra Red beams and Acoustic sensors for external use. These devices can be placed anywhere around the grounds covering areas of up to 180m each. Any breach of the external perimeter immediately alerts the occupier or CCTV monitoring station.
  • As an alternative, shock and vibration detectors can be fitted to perimeter windows and walls where external space between the building and the public is limited or none existent. These devices constantly monitor the structures to which they are fitted and signal any attempted intrusion to the occupier.
  • Non-lethal electric fences and window/door bars are another option. Contrary to popular belief, these items are perfectly legal within the UK as long as they are fitted correctly. Any attempt to breach a perimeter protected by an electric fence or bars results in the intruder receiving a short, sharp, painful, but safe shock. These units supply an 8000 Volt shock once every second, but due to the unique and legally required way that the voltage is delivered to the intruder, they are completely safe. An excellent deterrent for high-risk applications.