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  • An excellent addition to any working environment, Public Address systems can have many varied uses.
  • External speakers can be used for paging work colleagues, emergency evacuation broadcasts, tour instructions, automated security warnings when linked to an Integrated Security System and much more.
  • Speakers come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and power levels, so that each application can be specifically tailored to the client's specifications.
  • Internal office speakers are designed to be discreet, unobtrusive and almost invisible. Over-ride switches or volume level buttons are available to control speakers in individual rooms where the need to temporarily disable the system is required.
  • Speakers fitted in production areas or workshops are usually of the aesthetically pleasing "Pendant" speaker design. These provide excellent performance combined with rugged construction and are suitable for all but the most hostile environment.
  • Music can be played over the P.A. system in the form of tapes, C.D.'s or radio broadcasts. This music is then temporarily silenced when a voice broadcast occurs, automatically restarting when the broadcast has finished. Many clients have found that this prevents "Radio Wars" occurring in large workshops where many people wish to listen to different radio stations.
  • P.A. systems can be "zoned" to allow complete control from the Base Control Station. This enables messages to be put out to specific areas only, therefore not disturbing the rest of the workforce with unnecessary information. All area calls can be made if required.
  • Public Address systems are usually far more cost effective than many potential clients believe. Experience has shown that the installation cost is usually far lower than the client was expecting. Coupled with the ability to remove pagers and two-way "walkie talkie" devices, along with the financial gains made by doing so, PA systems can become self-funding over a period of time.