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  • The use of covert security solutions can prevent stock wastage, staff theft, abuse of trust concerning friends and relatives, compromising of commercial secrets security, abuse by child minders and much more.
  • Protect your staff, your property, view what your house sitter or nanny is doing whilst you are away from the premises.
  • Systems can be fitted anywhere the client requests, to provide discreet surveillance of any event. Our cameras come disguised as clocks, PIR detectors, toys, flowers, smoke detectors, stereo systems, signs, mirrors or can be designed to fit the specification.
  • Harrison Security has a specialised, non-obtrusive confidential installation service with no security markings or brand names on any employees clothing, vehicles or any fitted equipment. An out of hours fitting service is available if required.
  • Systems can be linked to existing CCTV systems, linked directly to domestic VCR's and televisions and may even be remotely transmitted from the site via existing telephone lines to any location of the client requests, anywhere in the world. Full 24-hour recording facilities, with audio, are available if required.
  • Harrison Security have been tasked to fit this type of surveillance device in many different locations for many different reasons including stock wastage, "nanny watch", house sitter surveillance, workplace and social drug abuse prevention, matrimonial infidelity investigations, staff theft, vandalism detection (where previously fitted "normal" cameras were themselves the target of an attack), insurance investigations, evidence gathering, staff performance profiling and even for purely entertainment reasons, just to name a few.
  • If you think that a covert CCTV system may be the answer to your problem, contact us for a confidential, no obligation quote.