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  • CCTV is proving to be the fastest growing deterrent to crime currently available. Statistics have shown virtual cessation of theft & damage at sites that have CCTV systems installed.
  • Systems can be monitored locally (by on site staff), or remotely (off site) by a specialised monitoring station.

Remote (off site) monitoring of CCTV systems is available via our Central Monitoring Station. Where the current on site presence of security staff is restricted to the "closed" hours, this type of system can eliminate the need for manned guards, therefore reducing continual financial outgoings and removing the chance of an on site guard missing an incident.

High quality external motion sensors protect both the interior and exterior of your premises, with the system automatically transmitting live CCTV images when an intruder is detected. The receiving station can then either warn the intruders off with an audio message or inform the Police.

Experience has shown us that when remotely monitored systems have replaced on-site guards, the project has paid for itself within 12 - 24 months.

  • We pride ourselves in the fact that we will only source equipment from established, high quality manufacturers such as Dedicated Micros, VCL, Phillips, Vista, Burle, Ernitech, Panasonic, JVC, Videor Technic and Sony. Whilst this doesn't always make us the cheapest, by ensuring that we buy only quality, proven equipment, we can offer clients the levels of reliability and functionality they expect.
  • The use of new technology in the CCTV market has enabled development of Digital Storage devices. This equipment removes the need for daily tape changes required in conventional VCR systems, removes any ongoing wear and tear, allows for immediate access to events, allows images to be transferred by electronic networks and provides a superior playback quality.
  • Where an on site presence is necessary (i.e. where checking of vehicle weights, load contents, destinations, load quality etc), Harrison Security has designed systems to give the Security Operative absolute ease of use whilst providing the best coverage to meet the budget. We offer full training to security staff and have the ability to set up "in house" monitoring stations to observe all required sites within the group. Operators can be trained in handling and acceptance of images and alarms from one or one hundred sites.